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Subject: Osgoode is better that UofT Law
Osgoode Hall offers a joint LLB/MBA program with the Schulich School of Business at York University, and a combined law and environmental studies degree. Osgoode is also the home of the largest Graduate Program in Canada and with the only Professional Development Program in Canada. The law school houses the largest law library in the Commonwealth.

In 2005, Osgoode Hall Law School signed a memorandum of understanding with the New York University School of Law. Both schools plan to offer joint-degree programs where students can earn an American JD and Canadian LLB in four years, spending two years at each institution.

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Osgoode Hall Law School is the largest common-law law school in Canada with a proud history of more than 100 years of leadership and innovation in legal education and legal scholarship.
Founded in 1889 when 50 students enrolled in classes that were held at Osgoode Hall in downtown Toronto, the Law School became affiliated with York University in 1968 and moved into its current premises on the university campus in northwest Toronto in 1969.
Osgoode has an internationally renowned faculty of more than 50 full-time professors, and also draws upon the Toronto Bar for the most impressive group of adjunct professors in the country.
A total of about 900 students are enrolled in Osgoode?s three-year Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Program. The Graduate Program in Law is also the largest in the country and one of the most highly regarded in North America. It offers a full-time, thesis-based program for both Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Laws (LLM) students. The Osgoode Professional Development Program, which operates out of its own centre in downtown Toronto, offers numerous specialized part-time LLM Programs that run on varying cycles as well as Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses.
Osgoode has about 14,000 alumni working all over the world with law firms, government, public boards and agencies, legal clinics, universities and business corporations. Our alumni?s history of success has brought ? and continues to bring ? pride and recognition to the Law School.
Our motto ? Through Law to Justice ? encapsulates our mission and inspires us to meet the challenges of a complex and changing world.

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bravo, gj!
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Hey guys, sorry to break it to you but Osgoode is only recongized as the 2nd best law school in Ontario (nicknamed "Wasgoode"). Don´t listen to me, check out what real law students say:


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UofT Law > Osgoode

Don´t fucking lie

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Osgoode Hall Law School at York University has been named the best law school in Ontario and second overall in Canada in a survey of recent graduates released yesterday by Canadian Lawyer Magazine. Osgoode´s ranking soared by 10 places over last year´s listing.

The survey results gave Osgoode highest marks for its curriculum and faculty. The accompanying article also praised Osgoode for its research centres, extensive library holdings and "impressive" use of technology.

Right: Patrick Monahan, dean of Osgoode Hall Law School

"Osgoode´s ranking is a reflection of the investment we have made in facility renewal and information technology in recent years, as well as the dedication of our faculty and staff in improving student satisfaction with our curriculum and overall program," said Osgoode Hall Law School Dean Patrick Monahan.

The magazine?s editors noted that improvements to Osgoode?s facilities allowed its steadily growing reputation for excellence in other areas to be reflected in the 10-place improvement in its ranking over 2003, putting York?s law school ahead of all other Ontario universities. Nationally, it placed second to the University of Calgary and ahead of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, which ranked third, as it did last year. McGill University´s Faculty of Law was fourth.

Osgoode received top marks for its diverse student body, range and depth of courses offered and its proximity to articling jobs.
Canadian Lawyer Magazine also noted that Osgoode?s 450,000-volume library is "the largest in the Commonwealth with extensive holdings in both primary and secondary sources in the legal literature of Canada, Great Britain and other common law countries." Osgoode, it added, is home to three centres of research: The Jack and Mae Nathanson Centre for the Study of Organized Crime and Corruption, the Institute for Feminist Legal Studies and the Centre for Public Law and Public Policy.

The full text of the article on this year?s rankings can be viewed at: http://www.canadianlawyermag.com/Media/Law_Schools_Report_Card_2004.pdf.

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Canadian Lawyer Rankings - Osgoode Hall Moves To The Top!
by lawschoolbound on Thu 26 Jan 2006 12:25 PM EST | Permanent Link | Cosmos

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Law School rankings are thought to be based on faulty methodology.

They are claimed to be irrelevant. Yet, all prelaw students read them. In

the U.S. there are a number of commercial enterprises (the most

well know being U.S. News and World Report) that produce them. In

Canada, Canadian Lawyer Magazine published an annual Canadian Law

School survey. The U.S. law deans hate them.

They comment:

"As the deans of schools that range across the spectrum of

several rating systems, we strongly encourage you to minimize the

influence of rankings on your own judgment."

Those who are interested can find the U.S. News and World Report rankings at:http://www.usnews.com/usnews/edu/grad/rankings/law/lawindex_brief.php

The Canadian law school rankings are published by Canadian Lawyer Magazine every January. I have included a summary of the rankings in this newsletter every year since 1997.

Those interested in seeing the survey methodology can visit:


You will find that the rankings of schools move up, down, sideways and diagonally.

The best example of movement is Osgoode Hall. It has appeared in the bottom, the top and in between. To demonstrate how much a school?s ranking can fluctuate, I have include the Canadian Lawyer law school survey results every year from 2000. Osgoode placed in the bottom half in from 2000 to 2003. But, for 2004 to 2006 it placed second (2004), fourth (2005) and first (2006).

The school is understandably proud of its number one ranking.

Although Osgoode never deserved a low ranking (based on its wide ranging courses alone), it has, over the past few years, accomplished some incredible things. The beneficiaries are its LL.B. students, prelaws and practicing lawyers.

First: The Osgoode LL.B./J.D. Program:

The most notable is the creation of its LL.B./J.D. program with NYU. This program allows students to achieve both U.S. and Canadian law degrees in four years. (Ottawa and Windsor also have LL.B./J.D. programs. Students at McGill earn both Civil and Common law degrees in three years.)

Articles about the LL.B./J.D. program are available at:

http://osgoode.yorku.ca/media2.nsf/83303ffe5af03ed585256ae6005379c9/e108170e7921e81285256f95005c0dd1!OpenDocument http://www.prep.com/LW.pdf
Second: Osgoode Is Very Friendly To Prelaws!

A. Osgoode Pre-Law Open Houses ? View The Video:

The last newsletter mentioned that Osgoode Hall was holding open houses for pre-law students. These took place on Saturday September 24 and on Saturday October 22. If you missed it, you have the opportunity to view the video:



B. Osgoode Pre-Law Mooting Program:

This fantastic program is exclusive to Osgoode. Basically prelaws are able to try out their lawyering skills before going to law school. Information about this program appeared in both my March 2005 and April 2005 newsletters. To learn more visit:

Third: The Osgoode LL.M. Program For Practicing Lawyers

In addition to providing a diverse and "top notch" legal education for its LL.B. students, Osgoode runs a large part-time LL.M. (Masters of Laws) program for practicing lawyers.

It is worth noting that Osgoode Hall is the largest common law school in Canada. The fact that it is located in Toronto (on the York University campus) allows it to tap the teaching skills of the large number of practicing lawyers in Toronto. As a result the school is consistently able to offer a wide choice of courses to its students!

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I personally would rather go to Osgoode than UofT law but the sad fact is UofT is much more prestigious, competitive, and has higher placement rates and salaries (see the law forums listed above).

If nothing else though, UofT´s law tuition isn´t worth it unless you´re looking to become a Bay Street BBB.

...and who cares which law school is better? Nobody here is a law student.

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The UofT law is a small school. It just accepts students with a lot of work experience and high GPA. That´s why the starting salary is higher and more prestigious in terms of student quality only. But the faculty and facilities are not as good as Osgoode.

Osgoode is considered the best not just in Ontario but also in Canada.

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The only drawback of Osgoode is ......

It affiliates with York and the name "York" has given a discount to Osgoode.

Frankly, if Osgoode affiliated with UofT, I am pretty sure Osgoode will have the same reputation with Harvard Law School, Stanford or Yale.

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People: UofT Law > Osgoode.

btw, osgoode isn´t really york, they were forced to join a university and york was the only one. people left osgoode because they didn´t want to be associated with york.

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^ Why not joined Queen´s?
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because it´s located in toronto
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^ I would setup the Osgoode Hall Law University rather than affiliate with York. Just like OCAD in Toronto.
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Post-grad institutions had to be tied to an under-grad, that´s why Osgoode wasn´t allowed to remain separate.

UofT law admissions are pure meritocracy and they put more weight on grades and LSAT than work experience. York is way more holistic in it´s admissions. They can afford to be, they admit 4 times the students.

This isn´t worth arguing over: UofT law is tops in the country.

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wtv u say, mista telco!
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York students have fragile egos :P
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Just look at where UofT grads work and compare that to Osgoode grads and it is clear which is a more respected school. end of story.

UofT > Osgoode


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