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How is the Bio-engineering faculty and research in Western??I am going in to Integrated engineering with specialisation in Bomedical engineering...The main reason for me to pick western among Queens and Mac was that that Western has great research in Biomedical engineering and have close ties with John robarts institute.....Also, they provide flexible options to pursue biomedical engineering in Undergraduate.....Although Western doesnt have a great engineering faculty,I have decided to go into Western because of its biomedical research and degree flexiblity.....When i think of my decision sometimes..I feel tht i shud cancel western and accept queens,But then my inner voice tells me..."Dude, Go where you want to be ,not where the reputation calls you"...

Am i justified in choosing Wester for engineering as for my goal of Biomedical engineering???
Do you think that I made a right choice by doing that?Helppppppp


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