People on this forum are idiots.

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Subject: People on this forum are idiots.
The people on this forum are fucking idiots. All you guys do is bash each others universities and very rarely does truthful information, get spread for prospective students. Grow the fuck up. Just because your in a particular university doesn´t mean every other university sucks and that you have to bash them. Each university has its pros and cons, and don´t let the fact that you´re currently attending one completely blind you to the pros of the other ones.

In short: Grow the fuck up!

Btw I am not currently attending university, but I came to this forum to acquire information, but this forum is a joke.

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I agree with the gist of your post. I do, however, have issues with York students telling a high-school student their engineering school is A)accredited and B)One of the best in the country. This is simply untrue propaganda. Comparing York University to CDI college is just rude. I think most of the hate speach comes from Mcgill students. They are the pumpous ones on these boards spreading hate speach and lies.
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do we even know if the people posting this info really attend the school? Just stick with studentawards, at least the people on here seem like they are all in the same boat (trying to help one another out with factual info.)
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Youll make a great addition to this forum

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