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Subject: united stand against arts
it doesnt really matter what school you went to in the long run. The way to secure a good future involves only: 1) not taking arts
2) not taking psychology (even if it is a BSc)

and if you really wanna make some cash take engineering, it is by far the highest paying undergraduate degree, the only other program that comes close is comp sci

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of course engineering is a good career with good money, but i wouldn´t belittle an arts degree, i hardly doubt those ppl with BA´s are hobos on the street
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*i doubt
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Degree Average Starting Salary

Chemical Engineering $52,539
Computer Engineering $51,297
Computer Science $49,036
Mechanical Engineering $48,578
Industrual / Manufactuing Engineering $46,036
Information Science $42,375
Civil Engineering $42,056
Management Information Systems $41,579
Accounting $41,058
Economics/Finance $40,630
Nursing $38,920
Business Administration $38,254
Marketing $34,712
Political Science $32,296
English $31,113
History $30,344
Liberal Arts $30,212
Elementary Education $30,059
Biological/Life Sciences $29,629
Psychology $28,230

engineering does pretty well i see and libral arts seems to be a little above poverty level

computer man
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Well, there´s no question that arts majors on average will not make as much as engineers, or any other professional such as accountants, lawyers or doctors. But starting at 30 000 is not terrible and certainly not poverty-level income. I read somewhere that the the average person in Canada makes around mid to high 30´s. So -starting- at 30 is really not as bad as you think it is.
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Dude, you´re comparing professionanl degrees with regular undergrad degrees. Obviously you can´t do anything great with just an undergrad in the sciences (including psych), social sciences, or arts. You are expected to go to med school, law school, teachers college, or pursue a PhD.

But thank you for your information. It was very insightful.

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I swear some of you kids really aren´t too bright.
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Arts majors can expect a job at McD´s. That´s all they´re good for, especially the psych majors.
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BTW, engineering is a professional degree. You graduate and you´re all on a level playing field.

The reason people with just undergrad science degrees get paid so little is because they are pretty much worthless without a PhD. I mean, how many physicists, biologists, psychologists, geologists, etc. do you know who have only an undergrad degree? The same goes for arts degrees. What the fuck do you do with a degree in History? You go to grad school thats what!

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well geologists can make excellent money in the mining industry, but other than that science degrees suck. oh and not very many people go on to get a masters degree or PHD in science, id say 90% of them just take thier BSc and go make 15$-20$ an hour in some lame unrelated field of work.
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^ true.
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You kids are funny. Obviously no one posting here has actually worked in an office environment.

You want to carry a pager, work shity hours, hit a glass ceiling, get no respect from management? Be an engineer or get a BSc.

Maybe *YOU* are the exception but most BSc holders can´t multitask, write, research, or deal with people. Solve problems? Sure. That´s why they do the grunt work.

Owner = high school drop out
CEO = high school / BA
manager = BA / BSc (rarely)
techie = BSc / engineer

Hate to break it to you kids, but those high starting salaries don´t move up very fast. Enjoy real life, tools.

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I suggest you look at salary surveys from the professional associations for engineers from any province (PEO for ontario, OIQ for quebec, etc.). Look at the average salary (usually 80K), look at the starting salary and look at the increase in pay based on years of experience. Yes, they do move up fast and once you enter management, salaries are even better. Obviously if you want to be filthy rich, don´t even bother with the professional degrees. Don´t become an engineer, lawyer, architect, chartered accountant. Open up your own business. It´s risky, but the potential to be really rich is there.

PEO survey: http://www.careercentre.ospe.on.ca/uploaddocuments/d364%2B2004_Ontario_Engineers_Salaries_Survey_of_Employers_Summary_Report.pdf

Alberta general career survey just for comparison:


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