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Bachelor of Design (BDes)

This is the first and largest program in Ontario which offers the Bachelor of Design Specialized Honours degree. This is a four year University Honours degree delivered jointly by the two leading institutions of design where the highest academic standards are maintained.

This program is presented in the context of a rich multi-disciplined experience within a university environment. All liberal arts courses, whether humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences are taken at York University. The student may choose from over 1,000 course offerings to meet the General Education requirements. Practicum and Studies courses in design are taken equally at the York and Sheridan campuses.
Officially, we are entering the seventh year of the York University/Sheridan Institute Specialized Honours Bachelor of Design (BDes) Joint Program in Design. Lead by you, our students, so much has happened in such a short period of time. Your talent and dedication reflects itself at every opportunity. Of the 65 awards given by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (RGD Ontario) amongst the nine different design programs in Ontario, 42 have been awarded to students in the Joint Program in Design. Students have received much recognition in regional, national and international competitions, and with private and government agencies in Canada, the USA and Europe.

Our applicant pool remains strong (1600 applications from around the world for 120 positions in first year) with incoming GPA averages in the mid 80s. Retention is the highest in the university, in the mid 90s. Many students are receiving multiple offers to the leading graduate programs throughout the world in the fields of Design, Architecture, Business, Law, Environmental Studies and Education.
As we settle into our new digs at both schools, arguably the best design education facilities in North America, we will continue to strive to exert a role of leadership in design education throughout Canada and beyond.

These are exciting times for our profession, our joint program, and for you. Design is intelligence made visible. During your time with us, you will always be challenged to push the limits of your thinking, embrace theoretical and research ideas, connect with the real people, make some mistakes, and establish your own network of peers, designers, resources, and kindred spirits from around the world. We are all in the right place at the right time. With hard work, good things will happen. Upon graduation, you will be entering, shaping, and leading the design profession for years to come. Our faculty and staff from both institutions are committed to making this the best possible learning experience for our students.

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"Our applicant pool remains strong (1600 applications from around the world for 120 positions in first year) with incoming GPA averages in the mid 80s. "

Wow.. the selectivity is 7.5%!!
York is sooooooo great!!


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