York rapist released

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Subject: York rapist released
The ?York rapist´ was released on parole yesterday and is identified by police to be at a high-risk and likely to re-offend.
Philip Foremsky, 23, had female students on edge during the summer of 2000 when he attacked six women in the span of three months, from July to September. His attacks started with robbery, but increasingly became more aggressive when his last victim was robbed and sexually assaulted at knifepoint.
All the attacks were concentrated around the Murray Ross pathway that led to Passy Crescent residence, which is where Tribute Homes are now situated.
He was commonly seen wearing a Kappa tracksuit, hiding in the bushes and fleeing on a bicycle after the attacks.
One common thread was that all of his victims were of Southeast-Asian decent.
Foremsky served a five-year sentence. He spent three and a half years at Kingston Penitentary and one and a half years in a halfway house in Kingston. His current whereabouts are unknown at this point.
He was arrested at his home on Oct. 12, 2000, in the Finch Ave. W. and Sentinel Rd. area. He received 11 charges: Five counts of sexual assault, two counts of robbery and a single count of sexual assault with a weapon.
Being released as ?high-risk´ can mean many things, according to Constable Williams from 23 Division.
"Parole changes all the time," says Williams. "In simplistic terms, it would be based obviously on his past . . . the judge would take into account his past record and what occurred this time."
William further adds that his ?high-risk´ label means that "[Foremsky´s] still a threat."
Upon his release, Foremsky was placed on a judicial restraint order where he had to abide by certain conditions.
Some of these conditions include: Reporting weekly to police and not to have any contact with his victims.
Most importantly, he is to stay away from university and college campuses.
"This is just my understanding - a condition of his is that he is not allowed to go anywhere near college or university campuses," says Richard Fisher, chief communications officer for York. Fisher further adds, "the fact that he´s been placed with that condition is a good thing."
Although these attacks occurred five years ago, York students are still wary that these conditions would prevent him from re-offending on campus.
"I think it´s ridiculous, I think it´s not safe, I think it´s impossible to control this guy coming back," says Mark Mandelker, a York alumni who was a student when Foremsky was being hunted by police.
Female students on campus are also wary of Foremsky´s release.
"I think that it´s really difficult to enforce a ban on someone. If you´re banned from a mall, you can sneak in. If you are banned from a campus, it´s probably not that difficult to get into one," says Laura Lindeblom, a third-year theatre student.
Lindeblom further adds that "York is a campus where all of the buildings are so sprawled out, and if you do have to be somewhere at night, or if you have a late class and you have to walk back by yourself, there´s not really much you can do. Escort takes a while to pick you up, sometimes it´s just more convenient to walk."
York security has been notified about Foremsky´s release and is working with the Toronto Police to ensure he follows his conditions.
"We of course are going to be, from a security perspective, very vigilant with respect to Mr. Foremsky´s presence here," says Michael Markicevic, director of York security.
"We are working very closely with the police to ensure that, if there´s any conditions that would prevent Mr. Foremsky from attending York premises, that those conditions are obeyed and met. And we do everything we possibly can to ensure the general safety of all our community members."


ATTENTION: York Students
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That sucks. He shouldn´t be allowed to move back into the neighborhood.
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5 years for rape? unbelievable
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watch out yorkies.
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he should be castrated
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"5 years for rape? unbelievable"

This is Canada!!

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^yep, what a model justice system

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