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Subject: Harvard versus U of T
Harvard versus U of T


Tuesday, April 23, 2002 � Print Edition, Page A16

New York -- Re Why Harvard Hates Straight A´s (April 22): Having attended both Harvard and the University of Toronto, I can state that there are two differences between the schools: Harvard is much more difficult to get into, whereas the University of Toronto is much more difficult to get out of -- with a degree and decent grades, that is.

At Harvard, undergraduates have to take only four full-time courses per year to earn a degree, and they have a longer school year in which to prepare for their exams. At U of T, five full-time courses must be taken, and the school year is much more condensed.

The atmosphere at Harvard is quite "country-clubish" and leisurely, while at U of T it is a downright pressure-cooker.

At U of T there is an unwritten policy in most classes that 20 per cent of the students in every class will receive a failing grade. At Harvard, most students receive a minimum of A- grades. In fact, to receive anything less than a B, one would have to miss exams and not hand in assignments.

As far as getting into Harvard goes, the most significant factor is whether or not you are a so-called "legacy," meaning that if your father, mother, or sibling went to Harvard before you, you can still get in, as hundreds do, with mediocre grades in high school.

I´m not surprised that current Harvard students feel that they deserve A´s for their $100,000 investment; if they were forced to compete with students at the U of T, many would receive only C´s at best.

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Yes i always knew UofT was better than Harvard
I told everyone so! It has a 90% acceptance rate, and a far larger student body than Harvard

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Yes, UofT is better because I like it has 11,000 1st year students and 1200-seat lecture hall.
90% acceptance rate? ? I am not sure but UofT will be much greater if it can accept everyone and shows its graceful and merciness.

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Based on your argument, I can say Concordia is also better than U of T.

Concordia is easier than U of T to get into, but Concordia is harder than U of T.

Concordia rules!

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1. UofT doesn´t have 11,000 1st year students.

2. Yes, UofT has a huge lecture hall called Convocation Hall.

3. 90% ? You still haven´t given up, eh?


Concordia? lol


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