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Subject: Wilfrid Laurier University
I have been admitted to Wilfrid Laurier for the BBA program. Can anyone tell me about the pros and cons about this school?

and is the BBA program in WLU considered good?


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It is much shittier than Lakehead. You should reject the offer, now!!
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alite, i hav to tell all those leakhead supporters that i know its gd but im not interested goin to there at all. so can you all plz gimme some useful information?

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wlu is by far one of the best biz schools in canada no jokes. and im not from the school or plan on going there.way too far. if i would put it right after queens/toronto/mac/western then probably laurier congrats by the way on getting accepted
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thanks for tellin me that! i´m actually still waiting for Schulich´s reply. If they accept me, which should i go ? WLU or Schulich?
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yes, let me tell u that laurier´s bba is very good and worth going to. I myself got into its bba+computer science double degree program, and it was my second choice university. Academically, laurier is mainly known for its business programs, so bba students do get a lot of attention. Plus, the professors know their stuff and its just a great program. I´m not in it yet, but i´ve met a lot of people in the program.

Pros -

- Great co-op program , meaning you get paid and work expreience. Plus, if you do well, the company may offer you a full time job after you graduate.
- Close tight-knight comuunity.
- People here are very happy and social. Hence, there is a lot of school spirit. Plus, laurier has shit loads of parties and keggers. Frosh week is one of the best time you can expreience. Unlike schulich, theres no stiff competition, constant tesnion with the other faculties, and satisfaction rate is very very high. Don´t get me wrong, schulich is a great program too.
- Laurier is a small university, hence, you won´t feel like a face lost among the crowd. Plus, people are not snobby, as rumours say about queens.
- The one-card (student identification ID) is great coz of the services laurier provides it with. U can use the card for online shopping (only for laurier students), to pay for meal plans, for laundry, and a hell lot of stuff.
Also, unlike most universities, the money left from your meal plan after one year WILL be transfered to your next year´s account NOT be cancelled as in queens or other universities.
- Residences are great and cheap. A lot of parties happen here, and loads of hot chicks dude, LOADS :D .


- Its reputation is not that in the league of schulich, quees or ivey. However, it is considered on par with university of toronto. And it certainly isnt a second-tier bzness university like mcmaster or carelton.
- Hardly, anyone knows of laurier outside Canada. However, this shouldnt matter unless you plan on getting a job in a big fat multi-national company in europe or something rite after you graduate.
- Waterloo city isnt that great compared to montreal and toronto, hoowever, i think its a great college city esp. for students with loads of shops, restaurants, pubs, bars , clubs, etc.
- U may bump into the same people which may get annoying at times as Laurier is a small university.
- Not alot of diversity, but not that bad as well.

Personally, i think its a great program. I got into queens commerce, hence, ill be going there most prolly this fall, however i think laurier is indeed a great program, coz of strong academics and students there are really happy and satisfied. You can see the globe and mail report card in which laurier students gave laurier straight A*s and A´s for academics, community feeling, social life, saftey, oppurtunities to have fun, etc, etc.

If u have any more questions lemme know, this should help ya know.......lol

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i was wondering what average u got to get into queens commerece.


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