Mcmaster engineering First year!!

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Subject: Mcmaster engineering First year!!
I have heard that U need fuckin high grades to be admitted to you program of choice in Second year of Engg. at Mcmaster.
I mean U need an GPA of above 8 for getting into pr9grams like Mechatronics or Biomedical engineering??Is that true???

On the website and brochures it says that u get admission based on spaces available,but still I aint sure??
Advise seriously

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That is indeed true.

However, I believe they give you the option of selecting your preferred stream in 1st year if your admission average is high enough. (90+ I believe)

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Thanks of r the reply,
But ia nowhere even near a 90% lol
so I gotta change my choice..

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Hey no no no, don´t freak out yet, you haven´t even gone through first year lol!!!

If I´m not mistaken, Mac´s GPA is measured on a 12 point scale, 8 out of 12 is like 67%, which is like a B-, not too tough to get if you work hard.


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