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Subject: HELP!!
I havent decided yet but lets say if I want to be a doctor in the future, what are my options? What undergrad program should I go for and which uni.?

I have already applied and got offers from Mac(Kinesiology), Waterloo(life Sci), UofGuelph(Biomedical Sci), York(Biomedical Sci) and still waiting for UTM(Life Sci). So whats your opinion?

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jsut want to ask u sumthin. Y didnt au apply to western? i mean its got strong academics in sciences, and has a great social life. Serioulsy, dont go to UTM, its not at all gud. Choose mcmaster or maybe guelph.
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What degree you hold as an undergrad does not matter when applying to med schools, but people just can´t seem to get that through their thick skulls, and actually, having a degree in biomed sci/bio/human bio or anything like that actually puts you at a disadvantage.

I have a few friends who happen to be admission officers in some med schools, and they tell me it gets boring when they keep looking at the same profiles over and over again: bio major, lots of labs and unrelated EC´s and stuff like that. What they want is something different, something that can differenciate yourself from others, so actually a poli sci degree might do you bette


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