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Subject: Huron University College
I recently went to the Open Houses for both Western and Huron, and while Huron was initially just a backup if my Western application fell through, I really liked the Huron campus, the fact that you get all the advantages of Western (sports teams, libriaries, clubs, etc.) plus its own advantages (small classes, better residences (in my opinion). So my question is, are Huron and Huron students looked down upon in the academic and student world? Also, if it were to be including in McLean´s anual rankings, where would it stand approximately? Right at the bottom, middle, or up there with Western. Any other information would be great. I really liked the sounds/looks of it from the Open House, but I don´t want to make a mistake going to a "college" over a full-blown university and have it affect my opportunities later on. Thanks in advance.

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