Police halt university students' beer bash

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Subject: Police halt university students' beer bash
Police halt university students´ beer bash
Mar. 10, 2006. 12:10 AM

GUELPH (CP) ? A beer giveaway didn´t last long before police in this southwestern Ontario city moved in.
A truck filled with more than 68,000 cans of beer had been parked Thursday on a street close to an apartment building occupied mostly by University of Guelph students.
Promoters were pulling free six-packs from the truck and handing them to students, who had "lined up four abreast," said Const. Ken Rodd.
The beer was part of a promotion put on by British Columbia´s Kokanee brewery.
They gave away 448 six-packs to eager students before police were called.
Officers seized the truck and had the driver move it to the police station.
It´s not clear whether any laws or guidelines were violated, and a Labatt official pointed out no charges had yet been laid.
"We take these things seriously," said James Villeneuve, a Labatt spokesman. "We do this stuff a lot."
But he said it´s possible they made some "technical mistake" in Guelph.
Officers released the truck and sent the driver and a handful of beer promotion staff on their way after questioning.
But police and the alcohol and gaming commission are continuing to investigate.


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