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Subject: Queens
Queens is my dream school! I was wondering what are the requirements and average to get into their business program, and if it is well- recognized. Im from Toronto and wonder if it would be worth it to go to Queens rather than UFT. Schullich at York is just impossible!!
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queen´s has an admission average of low to mid 90s. queen´s is just as difficult as schulich to get into, if not more difficult.

many people would agree that queen´s > schulich > ivey > rotman

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^^ many people who don´t work for a living.

Fact is, your BBA is as good as you are. The best advantage of the schools the joker above listed is alumni are more likely to hire grads who went to their school. In which case bigger is better.

Schulich is a great school and I know someone who came out of there. The fact that York has a decent undergrad program apparently amazes York students and they never tire of telling everyone what a Xanadu Schulich is.

But the only people who rabidly think Schulich is better than any other biz school are York students. Don´t put too much faith in them. They still think they have an engineering program.

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u need a minimum of 85% this year. Last year it was 86 or 87%. A average of atleast 90 with a great pse (supplementary form for queens), meaning gret essay skills, leadership qualitites, and a good amount of extra curicullars. Remember unlike most universities, grades and the pse weigh 50/50 of the ultimate decision, so spend alotaa time on the pse. Any more questions, ask me.

Queens commerce is inded a great program.

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oh yea, forgot to tell,

in ur essay to precise and make sure ur grammer is perfect. Be brief and to the point. Get help from teachers and former queen commerce students.

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Who ever said that Queens is a 90 average minimum to get in is wrong, its more like 88. Also, Queens is easier to get into than Ivey or Schulic. Many would say that Ivey and Schulic are equal to eachother, and above McGill and Queens who are, in turn, equal with each other. Queens does not value the PSE as 50/50 to marks, only Ivey does that. Queens takes the PSE into high account, but not as much as they do marks. People need to read the McClain´s guide before they give false informaiton.
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lol @ Jen not knowing anything.

Last year if you had an average of 87 or above it was based solely on your PSE.

I spoke to someone who actually decides who gets into comm, therefore she´s right.


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