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Subject: How to get into Schulich?
Hi, I am in gr.11 and hope to get into Schulich at York in 2007. My average is usually between 85-89%. Im not sure if I´ll get in but what courses should I take next year that would really allow me to get in if i get good marks in them? Are there any other really good and recognized universities in Ontario for Commerce and BBA programs if I want to become an chartered accountant?
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york´s business school is probably the toughest to get into out of all the canadian universities. the minimum entering grade is rougly 91% according to macleans university guide as of 2005/2006. It is a business school so this 91% is probably what you would be looking at. if you want your bba there are many other schools which offer it such as nipissing university, uoit, u of t at scarborough, or brock to name a few which are definately not as competitive as schulich´s
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91% is only a minimum. the average entering grade is probably 95% +/- 1%
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LOL. One guy first states you need a nosebleed 91% to get into Schulich, and then he names shitty schools like Nippissing, Brock, and U of T (Scarb & Miss) as comparable alternatives.


Schulich sounds like one of those schools in Asia where it´s so hard to get into, but so easy to graduate from. Plus, you only get a mediocre education.

If Schulich was any good, they would have a better record in business case competitions against other universities.

As for business rankings, who says people don´t lie about their present salaries. Also, only the successful graduates complete those surveys.

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Hey my friend,

YOu should not go to Schulich. THere are better business schools out there and certainly in ONtario. YOu should consider UofT instead of Schulich. Trust me on this... The curriculum at York is really bad. Employers want employees who can handle complexity and the schulich curriculum does not prepare you very well for this. Do you really want to learn about canadian business history? Puhlease.

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U of T is the best is a MYTH.
It´s just good at the graduate level.
Schulich MUST be better than UofT SG, UTSC or UTM. The program is offered directly by the business school while UofT offers its undergrad programs thru the Faculty of Arts and Science only. Rotman professors seldom teach at the undergrad level.
Read your UofT diploma after graduate. It will just state a BCom, BBA from Arts and Science, not Rotman.
Go to UofT if you just concern about the reputation.
I wish this information can help you, don´t be mislead by others on this forum.

Schulich School of Business
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Schulich is out of reach, don´t cry over it cause it´s an over-rated school. Do UofT or got to Kingston or Montreal for business school.

UBC is also really good and no question they´d take you with that average. Think about it... your life would be completely different if you went to Vancouver for 4 years. Screw Toronto and those arrogant Quebecers, get some fresh air and date an asian.

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LOL I just missed the "UofT myth" poster.

My ass York is better than UofT. NOBODY in REAL LIFE mistakes York is better than UofT. Toronto and Queens get their competition from Montreal, York is third.

Schulich is hype and for upper-middle class kids wanting a school close to home. It´s not a bad school but it´s not the BEST school.

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^ Schulich is over-rated?? Date Asian girls??

Have you ever visited the school and the campus?
Schulich has the state-of-the-art facilities, very outstanding faculty and brilliant students from coast to coast and the world. There are many Asian immigrants in Toronto and not exlusively in Vancouver only.

Frankly, local Asian girls are ugly. I am not a racist but I do have a preference for girls. Sorry about that.

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The curriculum is really weak.

Oh and Kingston is freakin boring. You are better off in Vancouver or Montreal.

Stay away from Schulich (really weak curriculum).

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Since opening their new Kelowna campus, UBC has made it so easy to obtain their degree. You only need to transfer with a "C" average from college to get into UBC (Kelowna)!

UBC has watered down their degree, yet effectively hid their rock bottom admission standards from Maclean´s survey.

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UBC Okanagan = Seneca College
UBC Robson Square = CDI College

UBC degrees are deteriorated.

It is a good school on the west coast but definitely not a great school.


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