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Subject: PoliSci - Waterloo vs. York
Which one would be a better choice (from the academics perspective)

Only serious replies pls.

Tx in advance

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a friend of mine transferred from york to waterloo in the political science program. He likes waterloo better because it´s more challenging academically and the poli Sci profs are more interesting and engaging during the lectures. York is a bigger uni than waterloo so there´s less individual attention and they mark papers somewhat easilier. Although York´s PoliSci faculty is more renowned than Waterloo´s, he´s enjoying his time at waterloo (plus he´s doing co-op).
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Waterloo is just renowned by its Engineering and Computer Science programs. York has one of the best Poli Sci programs in the nation.
Go to York !

For more info, pls visit www.yorku.ca

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PoliSci at Waterloo? You got to be joking, right?

The town of Waterloo, a hotbed of world politics! lol.


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