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Subject: bba, b.comm, or bit
which is the better degree.. bachelor of business administration (bba) bachelor of commerce (b.comm) or bachelor of information technology (bit) all at uoit
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a Havard AB/AS.
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a bba or b.comm from uoit is definitely NOT a good idea. uoit is a tech school, not a business school. if you want to do business, go to schulich, queen´s, or UofT. go with the IT degree if you want to stick with uoit.

you should consider an engineering degree as well. uoit is getting a reputation in engineering.

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Who ever is thinking of going to UOIT, because they think it´s easy....YOU´RE SOO GONNA GET IT IN FIRST YEAR!!! Especially if your going for a program to do with tech such as engineering or scientific computing tools....o man..GOOD LUCK to YOU! I´ve gotten 90´s through out high school and I´m telling you UOIT is much harder than anyone thinks. It has the highest drop out rate in Ontario of 40%!!! I´m guaranteeing that even UofT and Waterloo is easier, because they have less of a workload than UOIT.

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