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Subject: Info Systems vs IT Management
I´m debating between IT Management at Ryerson, or Info Systems at Carelton. Which program is better suited to a person like me, who enjoys computer programming but doesn´t really have an interest in a computer science degree?
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i can´t say anything about Info Systems at Carelton or any other university for that matter (other then ryerson) but i am an IT management student (4th semister, 2nd year) so i might be able to provide you with some insight. The program is great for someone who wants an insight on how to apply technology (e.g., various forms of information systems) in a business setting. after u finish u´r first 2 years u have the option of majoring in application development where u´ll learn various computer languages and more importantly, their possible applications. The thing that makes Ryerson different is its strong focus on career-driven education.

I can write a bunch of pro´s and con´s on this forum about why or why you shouldn´t be apart of ITM but it all comes down to u as an individual. Im sure carelton university has got awesome things to offer but at the end of the day, u have to go out and do your research and decides whats best for you. Visit the campus, read up on what ITM is all about and maybe it will be a good fit, or maybe not.

cheers =)

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How does UTSC (Management and Information Technology) and Ryerson (Information Technology Management) compare?

I?ve been told that UTSC?s IT program will focus more on computer science while Ryerson?s is more specialized for IT.

AND MOST importantly....will the difference matter in terms of future employment?


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