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Subject: Carleton university Undergrad

I´ve applied to carleton, and Im an int´l student. I´ve applied to the faculty of Comp Sc.

My question is: A lot of ppl I know have got into Carleton with mediocre grades and I´ve been told it has low admission averages... However ppl still inform me that for certain programs in the faculties of Science and Engineering, are still some of the best in Canada... is this true and if so how is it possible?


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It just shows that HS grades aren´t the best indicator of academic talent.

Some universities - because of their age, location, reputation - just don´t attract as many applicants as others and thus lower their admission standards.

But often departments at those same universities build their own reputations upon the research or graduates they churn out. These departments often have students that didn´t score so hot in HS but excel in a research setting. Put enough of these students together in one place, mix in some good profs, and there´s a lot of potential.

Carleton doesn´t deserve its reputation as Last Chance U (which is inaccurate anyways, there are easier schools to get into). It has good science and compsci departments and its other programs aren´t bad.

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I know someone who went to Mcgill for his engineering degree and he had very high marks. Guess where he went for his masters in mech engineering? Carleton.

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i´ve heard that it´s very good for engineering

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