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are 2 A Levels enough to get into Western Ontario??

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Go to York.
York can accept you even without A level.
I just got 55% and I am now a Schulich student.

York Student
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yeah right...york did not even accept me to economics but western accepted me.
thats the truth. i have beef with western now that i am about to go there. is it a good school or is it really a joke for canada...where i am from nobody considers western a good school but i am thinking that may not be true b.c macleans university rankings gave it good rankings. what do you think?
My other options are WLU, Waterloo, Brock, Guelph. I am still waiting to hear from Queens. York and UofT did not accept me. Is it because I am not jewish? That is what it seems like to be on this forum.

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University is what you make of it. There is no truly bad school in Canada. People here who make fun of certain universities are from other schools that have rivalries or are insecure with their own accomplishments. There´s nothing wrong with UWO.
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BTW I got into Toronto and I´m not Jewish. Anti-semitism is a crutch for certain posters here.

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Do not go to Western, it is not a good school.
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i hate jews

McMaster Vs. Western!! (in reply to: Western)
Which is a tougher undergrad program health science in Mac or Western biomed
uwo (in reply to: Western)
I am a uwo grad in mechanical engineering and just got hired to work on the new toyota plant in woodstock. uwo got a monopoly in terms of feeding the job market in Southwestern Ontario simply because U of windsor sucks and Waterloo grads usually go to states. appx 85K a year! not bad for a start eh!
uwo grad

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