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Subject: Why Choose the John Molson School of Business ?
One of the highlights of my trip to Concordia University was meeting with the team of students responsible for running the MBA school´s flagship event: the John Molson MBA International Case Competition. The world-renowned competition, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary in January, attracts more than 500 students from 30 different universities around the globe and an additional 200 business professionals who volunteer their time each year to judge individual cases. The week-long event ?X capped by a Friday night send-off at Montreal´s swanky Hilton Bonaventure Hotel ?X also allows JMSB´s biz students to network with other MBAs and to get some face time with some of Montreal´s most high profile and well-connected execs. A friendly rivalry between JMSB and neighbouring McGill University is definitely apparent ?X and I was surprised to discover that more than a few of the MBA students in the program had completed their undergraduate degrees at McGill. Many told me the reason they decided to switch schools for their MBA was because of Concordia´s deep ties to the local business community. "I found McGill was not as rooted in the Montreal community as [Concordia]," says Maria Karovnis, who completed an undergraduate degree in biochemistry at McGill prior to coming to JMSB. At the executive education level, the school´s connection to Montreal´s aerospace sector is also a draw for students interested in completing JMSB´s aviation MBA. Concordia also prides itself on its hands-on, entrepreneurial spirit, and the MBA program offers the option for budding entrepreneurs to manage JMSB´s small business consulting bureau, where past projects have included developing business plans and conducting market research studies for several local and international companies. "Concordia is a very entrepreneurial school," says Lissa Matyas, assistant director of JMSB MBA program. E.P.


John Molson School of Business, Montreal
Tuition: $10,426 (+8%) | Length: 16 Months

The MBA program at Concordia´s John Molson School of Business is a lot like a younger, hipper cousin to neighbour McGill´s. Unlike its history-laden Montreal rival, the 31-year-old program has carved out a reputation for itself based on innovation instead of tradition. "I came to John Molson for content, not brand," says recent grad Karim Boulos, 39, who is running in Montreal´s upcoming municipal election. The program, which enjoys close ties to Montreal´s business community, places a strong emphasis on hands-on learning, offering opportunities to compete in "live" cross-border case competitions and consulting projects with local businesses. Students also rave about its flexibility, which includes options to mix and match electives, switch easily between part- and full-time status and begin the program at three different times during the year. "I wanted a custom-made program," says student Ashee Sarin. Despite a series of frustrating delays in the construction of a much-needed new business building, students and staff are hopeful they´ll be in their new home by 2007. In the meantime, a handful of nearby 24/7 coffee shops serve as a great place for team meetings and study sessions. Molson´s flagship event, a student-run international case competition that attracts more than 500 students and 200 judges from around the world each year, will celebrate its 25th anniversary in January.


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