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Subject: Molson Proves It Is The Best Business School
After four days of intense competition, the John Molson School of Business case team won the top prize at the 25th Annual John Molson MBA International Case Competition.

The winners, announced during a closing banquet sponsored by Bombardier, were as follows:

? 1st Place: John Molson School of Business (Export Development Canada grand prize of $10,000)
? 2nd Place: HEC Montreal (Pratt and Whitney Canada prize of $7,000)
? 3rd Place: Universit?t M?nster (Dynamic Funds prize of $5,000)

What?s more, the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore won a $3,000 Pfizer prize for having the most points after the five round-robin cases. The Richard Outcault Team Spirit Prize was awarded to both the University of Tennessee and the Indian Institute of Management. The Dr. J. Pierre Brunet prize for best coach went Alex Faseruk of Memorial University.

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