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Subject: Spinboy, anthropology students are not smart
Stop thinking you are any different.

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Valery, this is a university forum. I know you are nearly illiterate and have trouble understanding simple concepts, but this place is for discussing Canadian universities. It´s amusing to read your tantrums but please try and stay on topic - if you´re going to dedicate a thread to insults at least work in an university´s name. The signal to noise ratio is bad enough here.

And no, Val, I´m not an Anthropology student.

I am, however, rather impressed by your otherwise coherent post. It´s a first for you. Keep it up. Make mama and papa Fabrikant proud.

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I know who you are Spinboy....
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For the record, I am not Spinboy. That person actually exists elsewhere on the ´net. I think I´m supposed to be "Dr Broom". Some kinda projection of Valery´s repressed homoerotic victimisation fantasies.
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Spinboy, let me explain something to you. There is a high probability that you would fail all the courses I am currently taking at Concordia, but I am 99% assured that I would ace each and every one of the courses you´ve taken in the past and will be taking in the future.Is that clear enough for you? IM sure your little childsize brain can understand this. Goodbye Spinboy, good luck at your third tier toilet and tell your redneck unemployed mom that she does not have to worry about paying the bills; Quebec taxpayers will pay for her expenses. It will be a tough year for her; I heard the fishing season was not so good this year.



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I´m curious to know which university Spinboy attends. I believe it´s some shithole in the maritimes. It sucks to be Spinboy (aka Dr. Broom).

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Hah, Valery, you never cease to make me laugh.

Perhaps you could pass all the courses I´ve taken and will take. I´m not quite the type who´ll pretend I´m smarter than someone *on the internet whom I´ve never met*. I don´t know what you´re majoring in so I´ll withhold judgement on whether I could step in at the university level and keep my average (my Classical Greek is quite rusty and I probably would drop out of even an intermediate diacritics course).

I lied when I said my university was east of Quebec. Contrary to your ignorant biases, there are good universities in the Maritimes (depending on the program) but I do not attend one of them. The school I go to has a good reputation - most would say better than Concordia (especially since you appeared here) - but I´m not going to hide behind its name.

Why? Because I have a penis, Valery. And balls to go with it. The university I attend is not the sum of my identity. Nor the city or province I live in. I can stand on my own feet and other schools and places and people do not threaten my self esteem. That is the difference between you and me, Valery. That is why I am and will remain the better man. You have a lot of growing up to do.

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York, YOrk york york, york york york.

Athabasca, athabasca, athabasca,

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Oh your so mature by using Valery Fabrikant to attack Concordia. Good boy!

The real reason you don´t reveal your university is because of how stupid you sound attacking Concordians. It would reflect badly on you university. I understand.

If you want to understand Montrealers, just read the next post.

Montreal in a Nutshell (in reply to: Spinboy, anthropology students are not smart)
Montreal, the home to snobbery

John MacFarland

Monday, November 14, 2005

Montrealers, typically, are total snobs about their city. We sneer without offering any explanation when people say they??re from Calgary or Toronto, and we act unsurprised when other people gush about how lucky we are to live where we do.

But Montrealers who actually manage to explore Canada??s other cities often discover something: Those cities are also multicultural, vibrant and fascinating. They also have great cheap restaurants in out-of-the-way neighbourhoods, and exciting nightlife and eccentric local characters. And they??re also architecturally fascinating in some places and architecturally horrific in other places.

So what is it about Montreal that makes it unique? What is it about Montreal that has made it impossible for me and numerous friends to ever really leave, even though we??ve vowed we would do so on many occasions? What, exactly, informs our snobbery?

Can this be expressed in tangible terms? Can we put numbers after each of those terms? I think we can.

It begins with Montreal??s drivers. They are terrible (1), and Montrealers are unabashedly proud of this. "In Montreal, we would have been run over right now," we brag to Toronto friends as we stroll across that city??s boringly safe streets.

About 50 per cent of Montreal drivers have no idea what they´re doing. The other 50 per cent know what they´re doing, and what they´re doing is usually dangerous. Signaling turns is viewed as an optional exercise. A favourite move is turning left just as a light turns green, ahead of drivers in the oncoming lane.

It??s also important to understand that pedestrians, cyclists and motorists demonstrate an absolute minimum of respect for each other (2). And absolutely no one obeys crosswalk signs, ever.

Montreal´s metro system is quite efficient in spite of its age, and the vast majority of the stations, with their unique designs and public art, are worth missing a few trains to check out in greater detail (3). To counterbalance this positive aspect, the transit system has, for reasons unknown to anyone who ever travels by bus, been expanding its fleet of Nova buses, which might otherwise be called the worst buses in the world. Hold on tight - every acceleration or deceleration sends anything not fastened down hurtling backwards or forwards, respectively.

For most people, Mount Royal ("the Mountain") serves as the geographical centre of Montreal and the main landmark for orientation purposes (4). Since it isn´t actually a mountain, but in fact a pretty big hill, the name suggests that Montreal-based snobbery dates back to the time of the city´s founders, who weren??t willing to allow facts to get in the way of a cool-sounding name.

The city??s founders were French, and the more power-hungry among the French and English have wrestled for control of Montreal since the beginning. The language conflicts aren??t worth paying attention to, but one thing is clear: French people have more fun than English people (5). Or, more accurately, WASPy and Catholic English people are the least capable of having fun out of any of the zillions of ethnic groups in Montreal.

Winters in Montreal are often as painfully cold as folklore suggests, and the city employees who drive the zippy little sidewalk snowplows are almost certainly deranged with bloodlust (6). But there´s something about playing shinny hockey any of Montreal´s 150-odd outdoor hockey rinks that makes even the most ludicrously cold day enjoyable (7).

Cold weather inspires communal spirit: Like every other city in the Western world, Montreal pretty much completely ignores the scores of homeless people found everywhere, but the security guards who check in on indoor bank machines will let homeless folks stay inside overnight if it??s cold enough (8). How touching.

Montreal is very much a university town. McGill enjoys an international reputation as an elite school, but if the city´s two English universities were siblings, it would be the Abercrombie-and-Fitch-wearing jock, while Concordia would be the creative, sensitive, artsy type (9). In an 80s movie , Concordia would get the girl in the end.

I should note here that I´ve attended both schools, and these descriptions obviously don´t apply across the board. Still, in the interest of stereotyping, for the two French universities, Universit?? du Qu??bec ?? Montr??al is the weirdo, and Universit?? de Montr??al is the jock.

Finally, they??ve been in the news recently, but McGill´s football team has always been full of jackasses (10).

So it??s settled. You??ll come here in the middle of winter, you??ll leave your driving skills at home and you??ll bring your skates. For maximum fun, avoid English people ?C except me. I??ll meet you at the Mountain


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