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This world will become much much better without Concordia students.
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There´s more than one student at Concordia? Damn. Doesn´t speak well of them if Valery is scoring competitive grades.
JOHN MOLSON MBA INTERNATIONAL CASE COMPETITION WANTS YOU! (in reply to: This forum has been captured by... (3))

MONTREAL- The John Molson MBA International Case Competition at Concordia University in Montreal, the oldest, largest, and most respected international case competition, will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The competition will begin on the evening of January 3rd and end on January 7th, 2006. Over 30 universities will be sending their best minds to compete and adding you to the roster will be viewed as a prestigious addition.

The cases are timely and provide MBA students with the opportunity to showcase their business knowledge and creativity while sharpening their presentation skills. Students also learn from observing other teams presenting diverse solutions from many different cultures and countries. The competition is guaranteed to provide students with a global perspective and a memorable experience ?C both desirable elements of a successful MBA program.

The competition also provides an excellent networking opportunity for students to make contact with the 250 corporate executives that serve as judges, and 150 other students from around the globe.

In short, The John Molson MBA International Case Competition can deliver.

Dr. Jerry Tomberlin, Dean
John Molson School of Business

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Valery Fabrikant,

Born 1940 in Minsk, USSR - a former associate professor of mechanical engineereing at Concordia University. He is best known for his murder of four colleagues.

Born in the Soviet Union, he immigrated to Canada in 1979 and began teaching at Concordia in 1980. Fabrikant blamed his colleagues for his being denied tenure on four successive occasions and for attempting to have his employment terminated. He also accused the university of tolerating the practice of academics being listed as co-authors on papers to which they have not contributed; in 1992, he had gone to court to try to have the names of several colleagues removed from works he had written in the 1980s.

A campaign of harassment aimed at members of faculty culminated in a shooting rampage on August 24, 1992 on the ninth floor of the Henry F. Hall building at Concordia. Killed in the shooting spree were Departmental Chair Phoivos Ziogas and Professors Matthew Douglas, Michael Hogben, Aaron Saber. A departmental staff secretary, Elizabeth Horwood, was injured.

Fabrikant represented himself at his trial. After several weeks of eccentric behaviour, the judge suspended the proceedings in order to conduct a hearing into Fabrikant´s mental fitness to stand trial. He was eventually found fit, and after five months of proceedings, the judge stopped his defense, so the jury had no choice but to find him guilty.

Fabrikant is serving a life sentence at Archambault Prison in Sainte-Anne-Des-Plaines. Fabrikant is a notable usenet user known for posting in newsgroups, particularly can.general and can.politics, with his claims that he is the innocent victim of a conspiracy theory against him.

The Fabrikant incident resulted in a series of investigations and a formalization of research ethics guidelines by Canada´s research funding agencies. An investigation on the conduct of the faculty in Fabrikant´s department revealed that many of Fabrikant´s claims were indeed true. The three researchers who were the primary target of Fabrikant´s allegations have since had their research accounts frozen by NSERC for misappropriating research funds and have been forced to take early retirement.

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Valery forgot to kill Spinboy (aka Dr. Broom) too.

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seriously....Spinboy is a loser who use to go to athabasca university...and spent all his life on Wikipedia
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Do they teach spelling and grammar at Athabasca? Perhaps Concordian students should check it out.

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