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Subject: admission to mcgill
does anybody have any idea what overall percentage is needed to get into the business school in mcgill???
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This is from my post ....How McGill´s Admission Policies Really Work -

"I?m from Ontario, and but one of my best friends in from Quebec who got into McGill also, but did his Undergrad and Master?s at the U of O.

To get into McGill for Quebec Students you need high 70?s-Low 80?s at least.

For people from Ontario it?s the hardest to get into, you need like High 80?s- mid 90?s.
Since Ontario makes up such a large portion out the out of province of Quebec, competition is the toughest.

Also, McGill Doesn?t report of how much US students and some other International students get in with. They get in with high 70?s. "

Hope that Helps. For Business students with Quebec Education, is high 70´s-low 80´s. Every where else is more.

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thanx for the information.though im a student from bc and your info didnt mention anything about BC. so if you have any info on that can you post it. if you dont i still appreciated the help.

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