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i am from saskatchewan and am wondering how hard is it to get accepted as an undergrad?
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McGill´s `Harvard´ Image Grows as Montreal School Tops Ranking

Nov. 29 (Bloomberg) -- McGill University boosters have a T- shirt waiting for students like Meredith Yasek, a 17-year-old Boston resident who wants to attend the Montreal school next year: ``Harvard -- America´s McGill.´´

``It´s one of the premier institutions in North America, the one in Canada that Americans know about,´´ said Yasek, who also is applying to Columbia University, Cornell University, Duke University and Yale University. ``It´s the Harvard of Canada.´´

The Canadian school is luring students like Yasek with the reputation of its professors and a price tag that´s 50 percent less than some American universities. The number of students from the U.S. doubled in the past five years, and Americans now account for about 7 percent of the school´s 32,800 students.

McGill tied the University of Toronto as Canada´s No. 1 doctoral university in Maclean´s magazine´s annual rankings this month, the first time it has done so in more than a decade. Canada´s lone newsweekly has been rating universities for 15 years, taking into account criteria such as student grades, faculty and reputation.

Foreign students make up about 20 percent of enrollment this year, the biggest proportion for any Canadian university, McGill recruitment director Howard Tontini said in an interview.

``International is a big deal for us,´´ Tontini said. ``It´s a mission of the university to always be internationally recognized, and to be able to do that, you want professors and students from around the world.´´

James McGill

Founded as the University of McGill College in 1821 with a bequest from Scottish-born Montreal fur trader James McGill, the school has grown into an academic institution that offers studies in 300 disciplines, with seven affiliated teaching hospitals and 14 libraries.

McGill led all Canadian universities, placing 24th, in a ranking published Oct. 28 by the London-based Times Higher Education Supplement. Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was first.

About 500 professors, or about 33 percent of McGill´s teaching staff, were added in the past five years. Noted academics include Wendy Thomson, the director of the school of social work and a former adviser to British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Full-time faculty members each receive C$233,000 ($199,448) on average in grants a year, the highest in Canada, according to the school.


Tuition is another attraction for foreign students. A year in Yale´s engineering program, to which Yasek is applying, costs about $41,000 for tuition, room and board. McGill´s international students pay half as much, or about C$24,000 including books, food, lodging, insurance and various fees.

``That was the first thing that made me want to look at Canada,´´ Yasek said. ``For such a good education, it´s amazing that tuition can be so much lower.´´

Canada´s 90 universities had 785,000 full-time students last year, according to the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. By comparison, about 17 million people were enrolled this year at more than 4,100 U.S. colleges and universities, according the American Council on Education in Washington. That means there are about twice as many university students in the U.S. than in Canada, relative to population.

Tuition at Canadian schools is traditionally lower than in the U.S. because the government subsidizes universities. McGill had a budget of about C$929 million in 2003-2004, almost a third of which came from the Quebec government. Harvard´s annual budget was $2.8 billion in fiscal 2005.


``Tuition is a really big attraction for a U.S. student,´´ said Elysia Blake, an arts student who holds dual French and U.S. citizenship and is vice president of the McGill International Student Network. ``They know that tuition here will be substantially easier to cope with.´´

And once everything´s paid for, it´s much easier to enjoy McGill´s other appeals, such as its location in Montreal, a city known for events such as the Just For Laughs comedy show and the annual jazz festival.

``When I got here, people told me `don´t worry about the cold,´ and they were right,´´ said Blake, a 20-year-old Florida native who grew up in Central America.

Playboy magazine this year listed McGill as one of North America´s ``Top 10 Party Schools.´´ Quebec is one of the few spots in North America where the legal drinking age is 18.

McGill´s reputation suffered a blow last month when the university´s Redmen football team made news across North America for a hazing incident that led to the cancellation of the team´s season.


Dubbed ``Hazegate´´ by Montreal´s Gazette newspaper for an incident the school said involved ``nudity, degrading positions and behaviors and gagging,´´ the scandal sparked headlines such as ``Red-faced Redmen´´ and ``McGill Just Doesn´t Get It.´´

The incident hasn´t affected the school´s recruitment efforts, Tontini said.

Intense competition from other schools in Canada and abroad may be a bigger deterrent for prospective students. McGill´s MBA program didn´t make Business Week´s list of the top 10 non-U.S. programs last year. Queen´s University in Kingston, Ontario, topped the list, which included four Canadian schools.

The business program aside, students such as Blake say the school gives a brand-name education at a bargain price.

``When you come out of McGill, you know that people the world over will know where you came from,´´ Blake said.

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Mcgill is the most overrated school in Canada. The only thing that impresses me about Mcgill is their PR.


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