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You should check it out

Do you guys know about..
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IM sure its more classy than this whorehouse.

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Gee, thanks for the link, I missed it the other billion times you´ve posted it.

We should sic Valery on you.

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Concordia owns this forum.

Dr. Broom should find somewhere else to hangout. Dr. Broom the McGill, U of T, and Waterloo lover.

Also, the Valery lover.

Dr. Broom, you must be quite old to know about Valery. You must dream of living in Montreal and going to ConU.

Hahahahaha! Dream on baby!

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Valery, it´s really creepy when you refer to yourself in the third-person like that.

Haven´t you damaged enough lives? Your attempts to attract secondary students to Concordia is like watching an evil witch invite children into her gingerbread house.

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Dr. Broom! We all love you. Now take your medication and do your homework instead of wasting time posting in this forum.

I like to wish all the weird characters in this forum a very merry Christmas, especially:

Valery, Dr. Broom, and Spinboy

You guys are such nutcases! LOL


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