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i´m dying to go to western, but my average is only 80. will i get in for a general bachelor of arts?
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what are you talking about, I go to Western and my average was 76% in get into poli sci.
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oh, i guess i´ll be fine. it just says in the info book that the "range" is 80. how do you like it there?
good parites? hot guys/girls? lol..let me know.

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Its orgy night on tuesdays...

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Do you like:

-Pretending to be posh
-Studying minimally and doing fine
-Dressing up to go to class
-Partiesn more on weekdays than weekends
-Being with students who grew up or have some connection to the GTA or Ontario
-A very undiverse student population- southern Ontario kids mostly
-Hip Hop, Rap and Techno scene
-Enyce, Sean John, Nike, American Eagle, GAP, FUBU clothing
-A pretty campus- nice buildings
-Great sports and a kick ass football team
-Getting teased by other universities in canada for being ´dumb´
-Alot of Jewish students
-Having mostlty every student in residence go home every other weekend- quiet in residence
-Getting free money once you keep an A average-jokes to do and easy to get scholarships
-Watching students do stupid things- urinate on campus trees, push over bins, fight and act like gangstas, girls acting like hoes

This was my experience at was good fun though and i am sure you can find your little group of frends who just like you. I am back in montreal(my hometown) and i may go to Mcgill if i have to go back to school but western was defintely an experince.

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Western sounds like a great party school, but I wonder why it ranks so high in Macleans? Third if I´m not mistaken.

A very informative summary of Western. Thanks!

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i hate gangsters and im not a hoe. so, this is quite bothersome.
are there ANY indie guys? indie is so popular right now, im surprised that this school is so ghetto.
i´m also not interested in being bombarded by ?ucking gangster boys thinking that im a skank.
i dont like rap/hip hop very much, hate sean starting to feel like my sense of style, musical preferance, and personality dont fit in with this school.

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Western is mostly a white bread school. It´s not like a gangsta high school in Scarborough - you´re dealing with white kids who want to push their parents buttons but not get in too much trouble. You won´t know if you can handle them unless you visit the school. I´d guess that out of the entire student body there´s surely an indie clique. But keep in mind that Western is a party school - you don´t go there to hang out with serious scholars or cool bohemians, you go there precisely because you want to party and socialize like you did in high school.
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hahahahaaha Valery would love to go to Western. He likes to hump scanks.

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It is just like a huge high school b/c mostly everyone is in their high school cliques from Toronto, Essex, Southern Ontario and if you dont live in residence, it might be very hard to make friends.

I wish there were more international students at western- i believe that there is only 1,500 of a student poplulation of 35,000. That makes it so undiverse.

I have friends in other schools like McGill, York , UofT, Concordia and UBC and they talk about how many international students there are at their schools but I hardly met any- which sucks.

As for the whole gangsta thing, I guess there are alot of thugs but that is everywhere. It is not that bad though. Ok, it is not the everyday hippie school or not the preppy school but most canadian schools are all mixed socially. Western has a decent mix. You will like it. I am in my 3rd year and i only met four people who did not like the school/program/life and transferred but you can never know till you try it.

All i can say is that it is a party school- the biggest party school in Canada but that does not mean you will be walking around with a martini glass and a beer bong all day. In fact, b/c so many students here joke about tehir studies, it is much easier to do well and get good grades and go far in the school.

Visit it or not but Western is not ALL that bad as people say. However, I am a little bias b/c I am from London, ON so I love the life here.

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Valery did attend Western. At least he´s banging chicks, unlike Dr. Broom who is a little fag obsessed with Valery.

Western is cool. U of T and Waterloo are not.

Western rocks!

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Valery is the one having prison shower encounters with other men, one of whom he fantasized to be my father. Which is freakin impossible ´cause Zeus has never been in prison (in Canada at least).

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