concordia that bad eh?

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Subject: concordia that bad eh?
is it so? concordia students, please give the real picture??
Chasey lain
concordia that bad eh? (in reply to: concordia that bad eh?)
Well, I go there in JMSB, and to fully honest it is shitty. Most of the teachers barely speak english, the entire school was taken over by muslim terrorists and the facilities are horrible.
The only one positive I can think of is that the accounting courses are TOUGH and do prepare you pretty well for the UFE (CA exam). I think accounting at COncordia is superior to accounting at McGill, but other than that there really is no contest. McGill is spades above COncordia.

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The profs at JMSB barely speak English? This coming from you, my little quisling, is really rich! The pot calling the kettle black, so to speak. If Concordia really sucks, then please go off to McGill or wherever. We´d be glad to see the back of you.
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You people are such idiots. The original poster is just some york troll. Look at the email. The guy who claims to be studying at JMSB is not actually studying there at all. Probably another york troll.

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Not only is the original poster a big troll but he always enjoys watching porn on the internet. Stupid york idiots.

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"Quisling"? You sure you know what that word means?

Are you a Blochead or just someone who takes their school spirit really, really seriously?

Definition: A traitor who serves as the puppet of the enemy occupying his or her country.

[After Vidkun Quisling (1887?1945), head of Norway´s government during the Nazi occupation (1940?1945).]

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Don´t draw conclusions about an entire school because of one or two idiot students (who might not even go there).
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I´m the guy who made the second post here, who these jackasses claim doesn´t go to JMSB. Contrary to what the they have claimed, I do go to Concordia. If I didn´t go there then I would have little or no reason to defend it´s accounting program.
Admittedly, Concordia has a few very good programs (fine arts, finance), but overall it is an inferior institution. I know it, you know it and everyone who goes there knows it. Have any of you opened up THE LINK lately? All we freaking hear about is the Israeli/Palestinian "occupation". Who the hell cares!!! The reason the school is falling apart is because left-wing "activists" have taken the entire school´s agenda hostage, and they are so caaught up in their own BS that nobody seems to care about Concordia image or academic standards.
I don´t really care, because (believe it or not) I chose to go into accounting at JMSB over McGill. I have a job at a big 4 accounting firm lined up, so it doesn´t really matter where I went to school. Nonetheless, I feel that I would be doing a disservice to academia in general if I did not come forward and say, being of sound mind and body, that:
If any fellow Concordians have a problem with it, they can kiss my ass. Maybe instead of focusing your attention on defending the school´s reputation on this board you should go study a little more, because the only way that this school is going to get any better is if we work on improving its academic standards.
By the way, to all those people who think their shit smells better because they go to U of T or McGill, to be honest it´s not what you have but what you do with it. It´s true that you will receive an education which is of a higher caliber than mine, but you still have to go out into the real world after you graduate. Do everyone a favour and don´t gloat until you´ve actually made something of yourselves in the real world.

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It´s not so much that I´m busy with the muslim/socialist shit. It´s just that it seems that the student unions, organizations and administration could be doing so much more for the school. I mean, if you look at the mezzanine on an avergae day, 2/3 of the tables are taken up by groups who have no interesr in the school or the students, but rather on imposing their own agendas on students and pissing away whatever reputation the school still has.
That´s what pisses me off about that school. The asswipes who run it and run the student organizations get all the funding and all the attention, while JMSB is left with a $2.5 million deficit and bad PR. It´s basically a lost opportunity to improve the school.

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all of you guys are kids, get a life losers

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