Concordia's Rejuvenation of the Downtown Campus

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Subject: Concordia's Rejuvenation of the Downtown Campus
Concordia has embarked on a mission to develop and expand the quality of their downtown campus, and to revive the west end in Montreal. The development is set to conclude in about 5-7 years.

The university has also acquired the historic Grey Nuns property for $18 million. Built in 1879, it would alone double the size of the current downtown campus. Starting in 2007 and to no later than the year 2022, the school will move in 4 separate phases. The large property will house the faculty of Fine Arts and possibly the Concordia School of Cinema, and other departments.

The school has recently completed and opened in 2005, the new Integrated Engineering, Computer Science, and Visual Arts Complex on Ste. Catherine Street between Guy and Mackay.

Concordia has also received an exceptional gift of the over 100 year old historical TD Canada Trust bank building, which stands at the corner of Guy and St. Catherine streets. The Toronto-Dominion Bank, has operated as a branch at the site since 1903. Building renovations are planned to start in 2005, and to begin using the new space in 2006.

Construction has started on the new John Molson School of Business (JMSB) Building that will be located on the corner of Guy and de Maisonneuve streets. The cost of construction on the structure alone is $60 million. The building is expected to be finished in 2008.

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cooooool man!
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All true except the JMSB building hasn´t started yet and it´ll definitely cost more than $60 Million.

Claude Lajeunesse, let´s get the JMSB building built soon.


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