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Subject: Islam and Concordia

Today was "discover Islam" day. We have these days like 50 times a year at concordia.

THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!

SPHR invited norm finkelstein to speak at Concordia tonight. SHIT is going to hit the fan at Concordia!!

The reputation of the school will go from a C+ to an F.


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I heard there were 10000 muslim students at Concordia. Is this true?

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It´s probably about 5,000 Muslim students. Concordia has close to 40,000 full and part-tme students.

I recommend staying at the Loyola campus if you want to see less Muslims.

You don´t need to take courses at the downtown campus, unless your an engineering/computer science student.

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Halal Food on Campus (in progress)
The MSA is working very hard to make accesible halal food available for All Concordia students in order to meet the dietary needs of the Muslims inshallah. Stay tuned for more news.

ehh? whats halal, inshalllaah ?


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Man, the MSA is more powerful than the CSU.

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Muslims Inshallah is a terrorist organization.


JUst kidding.

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Halal means the food meets the ritual standards of the Koran. Saying something is halal is like saying something is kosher. Once upon a time (before the ´discovery´ of germs) it meant more sanitary food because of rules like slaughtered livestock not touching the floor and stuff. Now it mostly stands for animal cruelty (slitting animals´ throats and letting them bleed out.... not that I´m biased or anything).

Inshallah means "god willing". Depending on who says it it can mean anything from "with luck" or "hopefully" to the evangelical equivalent of "if the Lord Jesus Christ wills it".

Not a very clear separation of religion and education, neh?

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Freakin Concordia. If this University wants to be taken seriously, they should ban all this religious horseshit on campus.

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You better be careful what you say. Perhaps, Bin Laden or Al-Queda reads this forum. :-)

I have no doubt some "sleeper cells" are already registered at several Canadian universities studying engineering.

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For sure, Canada is filled with terrorists. Especially in Montreal. concordia, Mcgill, Polytechnique, etc.

Canadians are too complacent.

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Mohammed produced terrorist and Jesus produced sexual perverts, pretty sad that the number of terrorist produced by islam is less than the number of sexual perverts produced by Christianity.

I say we get rid of all religion, because they seem to be creating negative society. We are going to be a god less society, hey most of you celebrate Halloween and Christmas, two of the biggest pagan holidays.

0.0000000588% of the 1.7 billion muslims are terrorist and 0.00000089% of the 3.4 billion Christians are sexual perverts. Get rid of all religion, it has corrupted minds for over 2000 years. Merry Christmas (or as we say happy Winter Solstice) May the birth of the new sun purify this world from the muslim terrorist and the Christian perverts. No more religion!!!!!!


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