concordia is a ***** joke

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Subject: concordia is a ***** joke

They accept people with 73% average for their biz school.

bahahaha. Thats lower than Ryerson.

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Averages are for nerds! Most employers don´t even ask to look at your transcript when you graduate, so don´t be such a geek!

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Concordia (John Molson) and McGill´s business program share a joint PhD in Business Administration, so both are the same when you go right to the top! Only immature and uninformed undergraduates don´t see that Concordia and McGill are very similiar, in fact they are "sister" universities. U of T, Waterloo, Queens, McMaster, and 15 other Canadian universities are also sistter universities with Concordia.

Last week, McGill´s president spoke at the inauguration ceremony for Concordia´s new president, Claude Lajeunesse. That told me, McGill now has to respect and recognize that Concordia is moving up in the world!


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