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Subject: canadian univs ??
greetings earthling,

wanna know the univs that are good in mechanical engineering ...

frm what i heard...

1. Waterloo
2. UBC
3. Concordia / U of T

anymore ??

... and what abt carleton (heard the joint dept wid ottawa univ ,OCIMAE is pretty good?)

please help !!...


Captain Klutz
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hey, all of the universities stated above are good for Mech engineering. Not too sure about the joint dept thing for U of O and Carleton. I go to the U of O and never heard about that. I know Carleton has a good software and computer engineering programs but if you want to go for something else in engineering, I would suggest ottawa rather over carleton.

I heard the profs don´t teach well at carleton, they are very though, and lots of students cheat there. They had an article about Carleton studnets cheating in the BBC if you check the web. Plus... I worked with a guy in the summer at a gas station and he graduated from carleton engineering a few years ago and was working there full time.

which uni is best in management and business for undergrade program.. (in reply to: canadian univs ??)
hi all.....plz help me .... can any one tell me that which university in canda is best in managemt and business.....program...for undrgrade...

and which city is best for asain peoples..

thanks bye...

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UBC would be a good fit for you.



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