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Subject: Geography?Mcgill,UT,McMaster,Queen's,SFU?
I don´t know how to choose between these school.
Any advice? Which school will be likely to give financial aid?
What about Concordia, and U of Calgary?

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UofT has the best financial support (check out UTAPS on their website). I don´t know how to rank their Geography program but by definition it will be one of the best in the country.
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Concordia has a new builiding for is really nice.
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Euh, Concordia does not have a new building for geography. I study at concordia, and as far as I know they do not have such a building. THe geography program is very small at Concordia and this school definitely does not have any financial aid for you! I really doubt that Mcgill will have any either, but you never know. You are better off going to a University in Ontario like U of T.


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