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Subject: Mechatronics engineering
I am torn between choosing electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, but i recently found out about waterloo´s mechatronics program. It supposedly combines elements from both mechanical and electrical engineering. Does anyone have any insight on this mechatronics program and what doors it will open for me in the future if i end up choosing mechatronics?
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Go to the waterloo site and look at the courses, this will give u an idea of the differences and similarities

in the beginning, all engineering disciplines are similar
mechatronics is a fairly new discipline however and there probably isnt guaranteed security for that degree.

however, i´d bet its just a normal mix of electric and mechanical engineering.

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U of T´s Mechanical Engineering program allows you to study/specialize in Mechatronics in either 3rd or 4th year.

Mechatronics is electronics and mechanics. Companies who usually hire mechatronics graduates include medical, automobile and aerospace. Ex: General Motors, MD Robotics.


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