A U and M question.

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Subject: A U and M question.
Alright so, I´ve went around looking at many universities, and a portion of them only allow you to take 2 M courses at max, along with 4 U courses, well heres the problem, for some strange reason (I´m an international student that has come to canada to study for my last year of high school, so bear with my stupidity), the courses, Computer Science, International Business, and Business, Organizations, People etc., are all M courses. I find it at my disadvantage, as I specialize in these courses, and they happen to be M courses in canada, I might be forced to drop several of these courses if I have to.

So I´m just really curious, are the three courses I mentioned really the ´forbidden´ M courses, I´m only allowed to take 1-2 along with 4-5 U courses?

And if its confirmed then, is there a possible solution to this? (other than dropping a majority of them)

And last but not least, for those of you who have taken/taking business-related courses (Commerce, International Business, etc.), if it is possible, could you list a few possible universities that would be a sensible choice to enrol into for a business course?, at the very least, describe your current/past university, if you may be unclear about other universities.

Oh, and by the way, please immature children stay away from my post; you know who you are!
Only serious comments.

Thanks in advance everyone.

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I don´t know if it can help or not... but here is the stuff that i got from my researches becasue i had the same question before. You need at least 4 U and 2 M and ur 2 M should not be from the same discipline area.
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alright so, someone I met, takes pretty much the same courses as me, business etc. and he mentioned that the business courses are 4U, but clearly it says in my course code ´4M´, and its unlikely were taking different courses =/
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I am currently attending Schulich. I am only aware of very few universities that require you to have a max amount of M courses. Ex: Waterloo (4U & 2M or 5 & 1 not sure)
However, most universities do not mind an M course as long as you have the required courses (which are usually U) for the program.
For Schulich I had to take English (U) & Math (U) and my other courses could all be U as long as they are not in the same discipline.
If you are sure you are going to do business in university I advice you to go the websites of all universities that interest you and check the specific requirements for their business program.

McMaster Commerce - http://www.degroote.mcmaster.ca/prospect/comm/index.aspx

Schulich BBA - http://www.schulich.yorku.ca/ssb-extra/bba.nsf

U of T (Downtown) Commerce - http://www.utoronto.ca/commerce/
U of T (Mississauga) Commerce - http://www.erin.utoronto.ca/regcal/2002GEN1.html
U of T Scarborough BBA - http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~mgmtcoop/student_section/studentinfo.htm

These are just a few; there are other business programs from many other universities in Ontario.

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I made an error in the above post.

For Schulich I had to take English (U) & Math (U) and my other courses could all be "M" as long as.......

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I see, so I´m guessing, International Business, and Financial Accounting fall into the same ´discipline´?
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and Organizations bleh
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sorry for the LATE reply

I think so. but u should ask ur school.
See at my HS, accounting & economics were in different diciplines. Ecnomics was actaully under HISTORY. That was messed.
So yea, ask a councellor or even the teachers.


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