Are these courses good enough for health science?

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Subject: Are these courses good enough for health science?
I´m currently in gr.11 and need to make informed choices. I´m planning to into health sciences and here´s what I need(all 4U/M courses)
ENG -SBI -1math 3 additional U/M courses.
For gr12, I have
ENG, - Bio, -Chem, -Adv. func, -data management, -guitar, - Religion. I´m currently taking gr12 English now. Additionally, instead of 2 spares, I will take 2 gym courses (PAF4O1 twice). Not concerned about marks for that as it is open.

My gr.11 courses are: eng.(done at summer), bio, chem, religion, functions, guitar, gym(open course) and French.
Now, I´m planning to get rid of French, but have been informed no good courses are available. So I´ve decided to take the gr.11 gym course (Paf301 again). is this a smart choice?
I will have a total of 31 credits(Gr.9: 8+gr10: 8 + 1summer+gr11: 7(the gym will be repeated, won´t count as a new cred.) + gr12: 7(gym repeated! again)) which is good. I´m done the 40 community hours, and the lit. Test.
I´ve also confirmed that the group 1,2 etc. are all covered.

Will universities be satisfied with my selections, or are my choices not academically oriented enough? I am a low- mid 90´s student. (92.8 in gr9(including 85 in gym, otherwise all were above 90. 93.5 in gr10(88 in French included, all others above 92). I currently have 97 in religion, 95 in chem, 98 in gym(doesn´t matter) and a 80(last time updated was first month of classes, so I´m guessing I´m at 84is) in gr.12 eng.
Thanks. All opinions will be appreciated.

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