FINE ARTS: Queens vs. Waterloo

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Subject: FINE ARTS: Queens vs. Waterloo
Im currently a high school student living abroad from Canada. I got accepted to both Queen´s (BFA program) and Waterloo (Honors Arts program). Personally I am leaning more towards Queen´s as I think Kingston is a better town and the atmosphere and facilities are better than Waterloo.

One thing thats holding me back is Queens is 3 hours away from where my family lives, whom I may need to be around in my first year away from my parents. In Waterloo I have my uncle and cousins living there with only a 45 minute drive from the rest of my family.

I just feel as though Waterloo´s social life and facilities are not as great as Queens. But I may be biased towards Queens so I want an objective opinion from experienced students at university in Queens/Waterloo. Most importantly I need to know a good comparison of the Waterloo and Queens fine arts program to see ACADEMICALLY which ARTS program would best fit me. I am planning to do fine arts and do psych as a minor to see whether I become a therapist or art therapist.

I need a good balanced list of pros and cons for both universities and details about which program may suit me best. Any advice and tips would be helpful



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