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Hey guys

I wanna get into Schulich´s Undergrad BBA program, and I wanna know how many points I´d need.

I´m doing the IB program right now (high school) which is well respected worldwide, in terms of points though I´d like to know how many I´d need to get into this school.

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From their site:

If you are applying with an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma, you will need passes in six subjects (three at the Standard Level and three at the Higher Level OR two at the Standard Level and four at the Higher Level). For Schulich programs, Math Methods or High Level Mathematics is required. Applicants to the Schulich School of Business are required to present the Supplementary Form as well as a minimum score of 34 points (including bonus points). Please note that each faculty at York University assesses transfer credit independently from each other and the advanced standing at another faculty is not necessarily the same outcome at Schulich. The transfer credits are awarded for previous coursework that were not considered for admission.

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Schulich is not the best out there. Consider IVey Or U of T.


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