Should I aim for higher marks by 2nd semester ?

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Subject: Should I aim for higher marks by 2nd semester ?
My average is at an 80 right now, and I´m aiming to get higher because Mcgill asks for an 86 for their arts program. I´ll probably major in English. If I end first semester with an 80ish, but get an 86 or over by 2nd semester midterms, will I be admitted ? (Im thinking ill do better by 2nd semester because i have easier classes.) or how does it work will they want an 86 or over throughout the whole year or is it ok if I improve by 2nd semester ? Just an example, my cousin needed an 85 for U of T commerce and first semester he was getting an 82 and by second semester he got an 85 or 86 average and they ended up letting him in

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