deciding university for physics undergrad program

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Subject: deciding university for physics undergrad program
I am from Israel (English speaker, so don´t take it in account) looking to study towards an undergrad degree in Canada.
Eventually my dream is to become a theoretical physicist. I am NOT looking for a so called "re-known" university. Don´t understand me wrong, I am not a slacker looking to party 3-4 years. I just prefer a less stressful environmental in which I can understand the material to its fullest.
From what I gathered so far it doesn´t really matter which school you attend in undergrad studies as all the universities in Canada are more or less on the same level. Is this true?
Thus I am looking for the university with the best learning environment and most interesting physics program.
So far I came to understand that U of T is considered the best but that the students themselves don´t recommend it. If so this is a less appealing university for me
I found recommendations to University of Manitoba that made it sound like a nice place, does anybody know how it is?
I also got recommendations to Queen´s and others.
Right now I am very confused looking at all the different websites. I would be grateful for any kind of help.


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