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Subject: How I got my admission in Canada
Hi All!
Thought I might come and help with my experiance. Mainly because I have read this forum for various inputs.
I started by getting all my necessary papers ready such as my certificates, transcripts and financial proof.
I was a little overwhelmed to apply myself so I went with a professional company. I am from Bangladesh and so I heard of Bridge Consulting through a friend. They asked me what program I was interested and then planned my route to get into the program. Once my marks were out they advised me on the type of programs I could get into and ensure I get admission. I also got a lot of help interms of finding cheaper accomodation in Toronto and since I had no family in Canada they picked me up from the airport and helped me settle down.
It is important to have all your paper work ready and start asking for help a year earlier. That way you can complete the required courses before you apply to Canadian Universities.
If you have any questions please message me or visit

Goodluck everyone!!!

International Girl
CDI college (in reply to: How I got my admission in Canada)
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