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Subject: Tuition cost for Int. student BUT CND. Citizen
I´ve looked up in tons of places, but I can´t find information about this anywhere. I´m a Canadian Citizen, and I left Canada in grade 9 (about 3 years ago). I plan on going back after a year or so, and I was concerned about the Tuition Cost. I plan on going to the University Of Saskatchewan. Now, the Tuition Cost page for the U of S shows me that Canadians have to pay about $5000 per year for Tuition, while International Students pay somewhere around $13000 per year. I know I would be classified as an International Student, but my question is if the Tuition cost for me would be a bit lower because I´m a Canadian Citizen? My parents left Canada on purpose, and we knew we would be coming back (or at least I would be). I´m not yet eligible for a loan because I would have to live in a province for 12 consecutive months. I would have to get a student loan to pay for my studies, as I don´t see any other source of money for my studies. In other words, I´m on my own from here. I know repaying the student loan would be... very tough, but I´m prepared to do so.

So, would the tuition cost for me be a bit lower? Please respond.

No (in reply to: Tuition cost for Int. student BUT CND. Citizen)
Unfortunately there is no other option for you. You just need to pay whole price as an international student - sorry.

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