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Subject: Computer science program at McGill
Well I want to study computer science at McGill, but I only have a 24,5 of CRC(Cote R) and they only accept people that have 26,4. I plan to go to Concordia and stay there until I have the marks to transfer to McGill or apply in a computer science college program such as vanier college to increase my CRC and try to apply at McGill. Which way is better? Can someone make a review about computer science in both university so I can judge by your posts.Is computer science program is more good at Concordia or at McGill? I think McGill is better but I am not sure. It is for the winter 2011 so I should decide before the 1 november.
David Th.
Waterlooo (in reply to: Computer science program at McGill)
I would actually suggest University of Waterloo for computers - there is no better university for it. God faculity, amazing programs. The best part is that most big companies know that and they will hire you directly from the University before you even finish it.
Samantha Tyrone

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