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Subject: who can teach me speak english
hello,guys,my name is nick,i really wonna learn how to speak english,i mean english conversation hmm,i am 20 years old now and my english speaking part is pretty bad,however,i really want to speak like native speakers so can u help me.
hmm,i can offer 20 dollars per hour(wont offer bus tickets) and we meet 3 or 4 times a week,if our conversation is really fun this project may last at least 4 years(i am bored anyways and willing to make new friends) well,u must be native speaker,and to be honest i dont care ur degree but u must be a person who likes chatting,plus dont be so old cuz i think old people have few words :P yeah,so can u send me an email and tell me a little bit about urself,like ur background,and also we need to discuss where we meet. hmm,yeah,so spend less time speaking with ur friends and talk with me instead,there is no difference actually lol :)))

my email address is nick19901031@gmail.com

die (in reply to: who can teach me speak english)
ask your mother sucker

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