5LINX Canada Becomes a Reality!

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Subject: 5LINX Canada Becomes a Reality!
Hundreds of excited Canadians showed up for the 5LINX Canada pre-launch events in both Montreal and Toronto and the corporate office has been collecting applications ever since.

The events were held May 29 (Montreal) and 30 (Toronto) and were headlined by Jason Guck, co-founder and executive vice president of 5LINX® Enterprises, as well as PSVPs Andre Maronian and Sunny and King Pinyin.

"Canada is a market full of people just waiting for the type of opportunity provided by 5LINX®," said Jason Guck. "We have strong leaders forming large organizations right now. With the team in Canada working with the corporate staff in Rochester combined with the growth potential of Canadian VoIP, I firmly believe that 5LINX Canada will be a huge success for us."

Right now, new 5LINX Canada representatives are enrolling representatives and building their organizations in preparation for the July 24 official launch. At that time, reps will be able to obtain customers.

"That is when we expect the business to really explode," said Guck. "Once potential customers see the CU-3000 and our VoIP plans, the excitement level will be even higher. This is going to be a very exciting summer. One that could change the face of 5LINX® forever."

Location of the official launch is to be determined. Keep checking www.5LINX.com for more information.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a 5LINX Canada representative, please contact Executive Director, Trevor James at trevorjames@5linx.net or 678-522-9915.


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