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Just wanted to ask a quick question concerning admissions into York for a graduate level in economics. I am currently doing my BSc in econ in the Netherlands and I really want a change for my masters and I heard its not that hard to get into York...could someone please let me know how hard is it for an international student to get in York for econ.


Good Choice (in reply to: York uni)
You need at 2.1 in a UK undergrad degree. I am not sure what the NL alternative is.
I am from the UK and did a similar MA.
Its a great place to study.

york uni (in reply to: York uni)
Just another quick question, just how hard is it to get in...whats there selection criteria because the number of applicants are greater then the ammount of palce available. The alternative grade in the Netherlands is a 70/100 for a B. And it is hard to get a T.A job?

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