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Subject: Transfer to a Canadian University
Hey there,
I live in lebanon, and i m in LAU,an american university here.i m majoring in finance,this is my first semester and i m doing pretty well(gpa 3.5/4.0).i want to transfer to a university in montreal (concordia or mcguill) coz i ve got a lot of friends there and i m a little bit sick of here,plus diplomas there are quite better.what do you guys recommend,mcguill or concordia?
I wanna go to canada not just for studies,I also want to live my life.
i mean, let s not always talk about academics and diplomas,where do u find it better to study but also to chill, go out and live kinda normal life(not to stressed by studies, and not to relaxed by everything else).
thanks a lot for your comments


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