Why choose ryerson?

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Subject: Why choose ryerson?
Hey you guys, Does anyone know any good reasons as to why I should attend Ryerson University for my future studies..
Give me all the good reasons you can think of ! =D

**Note; For those who got nothing to say, please dont comment :) THank you!

Ryerson (in reply to: Why choose ryerson?)
my opinion only....

I think some of the programs are easier. For example, to graduate from the engineering program at Ryerson, you need to maintain a 60% average. Compare that to York, the "honors" program, in which you´ll need a C+ ( by their scale a 66-69 ). If you don´t get that average, you won´t graduate. If you want to play it safe for engineering, go to Ryerson. Also, Ryerson has a larger faculty, again, I think, with more options. It´s engineering programs have been around longer and have been accredited longer ( except biomedical ).

Still, York is a good place to go. It´s got a great campus and having "honors" written next to your engineering degree would be a plus. It´s also more difficult to get into, if the CUDO data are any indication.


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