Volunteer in Amazon/Fiji Summer 2010!

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Subject: Volunteer in Amazon/Fiji Summer 2010!
Volunteer Eco Students Abroad (www.vesabroad.com) is looking for Canadians aged 18+ to lend a hand this summer in either the Ecuadorian Amazon or on the tropical islands of Fiji.
Programs begin in May 2010 and run for 2 weeks in duration.
During your first week you will take part in important volunteer work, helping to construct village schools, teach children English, install water catchments, giving locals access to fresh water for the first time.
Your second week will see you off on an Amazonian adventure, hiking, white water rafting, canoeing, visiting remote tribes! If Fiji is your destination, during your second week abroad, we hop island to island, scuba diving, snorkling, fishing, tanning, the world is your oyster!
For more information or to submit a free non committal application online please visit our website www.vesabroad.com

Shona Luciani

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