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What kind of average would someone need to get into sciences at Queen´s University? I´m considering applying but I don´t want to waste my money if I don´t have a chance of getting in. I´d also like to be able to judge how much work I have to put in this year (I just started grade 12).
Please don´t post what the minimum average is, I know that. I want to know what someones marks have to be to be practically guaranteed admission. I also know it changes every year but that doesn´t mean you can´t give me an estimate!
Thanks for your time.

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I am also thinking of applying to Queen´s, but for engineering. I think to be totally 100% safe, an 87 average would be the minimum. And as for grade 12 work, do your homework, pay attention in class, and don´t slack on stuff. Trust me, I slacked my first grade 12 year and now I´m doing it again and it is not fun. But as long as you try you will be fine.

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